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Plastic red chairs

Khiva is a city with 50.000 inhabitants, with an old heart surrounded by a city wall. Our hotel is just inside the walls, with a wonderful view from the top floor balcony - if you dare to use the stairs.

Dare to use the stairs ?

Traditional hats

You can get a picture of yourself with a traditional sheepskin hat, or just wander around in the sun.

Two girls

A lot of tourists come here, and not all of them Westerners.


The bridge to the minaret

After wandering around the city for a while, we decided to climb the minaret. Although the view is fine, we had a few days of hurting legs, because those steps are very, very high. So we suggest you have the view from one of the hotels instead.

The museum with musical instruments was very nice, though.

Museum of musical instruments

More traditional hats Everywhere you can buy souvenirs, varying from hats to socks and tablecloth and puppets. They even have miniature socks for your guinea pig.


Ark Walking in Khiva is like walking in a museum: everywhere are blue tiles, arches and domes. You can see mosques, medressas and mausoleums everywhere, though many of them now serve another function. One mosque is now a hotel, a medressa is turned into a museum.

Uzbek family

Every 'hump' is another grave.

Multiple graves


Not only museum: In Khiva you can also find a bazaar. This bazaar is a very lively place, where you can buy nearly everything.

Girls playing in the streets

Just before we left Khiva we made this photo of the city at sunrise.

Khiva at sunrise

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