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Cotton girls in the distance

On the way from Buchara to Shakhrisabz we saw a bit of the harvest of cotton. A lot of young women, well covered against the dust and the hard stems of the cotton plants, are picking the seeds covered in fluffy white cotton.

Fluffy white stuff


Cotton girls

Another cotton girl
Kebab time !

Shakhrisabz, Green Town, is the place where Timur Lenk was born in 1336. After he conquered a large empire (consisting of what is now Iran, Iraq, Syria, eastern Turkey, northern India and the Caucasus), he built several monuments, mosques and mausoleums, both in Samarkand and in Shakhrisabz. In Shakhrisabz, he also built an enormous summer palace. Of the palace only the entrance is left.

Timur's statue The biggest attraction of Shakhrisabz is the statue of Timur himself. When we were here, at least two dozen newly weds came to the statue to ask Timur for a blessing. As this is a serious situation, the bride is not supposed to look joyful, and most of them are quite good at this.

In fact, some of the brides are masters in the art of looking like they're having the worst day of their life. There must be training courses for brides in Shakhrisabz.

Other people in the city were a lot more cheerful, although (or maybe because ?) it rained cats and dogs all day.

One of the 30 brides around the statue

A wedding guest

Two young girls with candy

A woman at he bazaar

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