The Celestial Lake

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The Uzbek coat looks great

Last stop in China: Tien Chi or Celestial Lake. Leon looks great in his Uzbek coat in front of the lake, surrounded by snow capped mountains. And it is pretty cold here, so that's another reason to wear his coat.

Leon in front of the lake

No, these yurts do NOT have heating

The yurts seem to have heating, but that are the grills for kebab. We are happy we can stay in a hotel, even though it has no heating either. Al least you don't have to get outside when you want to go to the bathroom.

Some members of our group did sleep in a yurt. At night it was freezing ... we can still hear our tour leader Frits complaining about the cold. But of course, Frits is just a big sissy.

The path towards the temple

View from the temple

We really like the temple, lots of authentic looking Buddhist people are walking around here. After all those mosques and medressas we seen in the past weeks, a Buddhist temple is a welcome variation.


The monk below thinks it is cold as well, especially his ears. The incense doesn't help much.

You can reach a Buddhist temple on the North Western shore of the lake through a walking path, clinging to the rock. The temple takes some climbing, but you have a terrific view from here.


Your ears are freezing off

Chinese restaurant

Our last Chinese restaurant. After we were served, the kitchen crew came to have lunch. They eat a lot faster than we did: they were gone before we knew it. At least we aren't the only ones who liked the food.

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