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Barcelona has a lot to offer: the Ramblas with nice shops, the seaharbour with the statue of Columbus, the seaside at Barceloneta, the Picassomuseum, the architecture (see below), churches, fountains, an open air museum of a Spanish village, .......

In the surrounding of Barcelona the monastery of Montserrat can be found, as well as the Dalí-museum in Figueres. Of course, north and south of the city is the Costa Brava, with many sunny beaches.


Casa Battló

Parque Güell

Casa Mila

Barcelona is famous for its architecture. And the most famous architect of Barcelona is Antoni Gaudí. Several houses and a complete park, Parque Güell with a lot of typical ornaments can be admired.

And most famous of all: the cathedral La Sagrada Familia. The building of a church was already started when Gaudí changed the old plans in 1891. Every part of the cathedral has a religious meaning. For example, the four towers represent the four evangelists, the twelve small towers are the disciples of Jesus.

The Sagrada Familia

Details of the Sagrada Familia

The building is full of beautiful details. Even when you climb one of the towers, at every step up you will find more surprises.

Four towers and a crane

The construction of the cathedral still isn't finished, partly because the construction must be paid with gifts, as the pope at that time had decided. Gaudi said that with a certain allowance each year he could have it done in 10 years, but the pope wouldn't hear of this.

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