Sierra Norte

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Our holiday in Andalucia took us to another natural park, called the Sierra Norte de Sevilla. You don't see many tourists here, although in the weekends it can be crowded with people from Sevilla trying to escape the heat of the city.

In summer, the area is supposed to be pleasantly cold, ideal to make long walks through the countryside.

On top of La Capitana (958m)
Pleasantly cold, that's theory alright. In the real world, we had to walk in 35oC. And when there's absolutely no shadow, like here on top of a little mountain called La Capitana (958m), temperatures like that aren't much fun.

A tractor is coming from the farmhouse

Landscape with a solitary tree

Farmer with tractor

For the second day, we picked a walk along the Hueznar river. The description of the walk promised us "plenty of shadow along the river". And indeed, along the river there was plenty of shadow. Too bad that was NOT where the path was. That was about 100 meters next to the river, in the blazing sun.

Under the bridge we found shadow for a cookie-break

Recreation area

Of course, there were some places along the walk where we could get some shadow. The railway bridge was just perfect, and the recreation-area near the river was almost as good. It was a Saturday, so there were plenty of people here. Although the river was deep enough for a swim, we decided not to. We still had a long way to go. We figured that after a swim we couldn't get ourselves to start walking again. And we ordered a taxi waiting for us in San Nicholas, the end of our walk.

As you can see, no shadow at all. Just a tiny bit of shadow under the shrubbery next to the road. It was just enough for us to have a cookie-break.

A landscape without trees: no shadow

Spanish girls

One of our walks ended in Guadalcanal. On this square, there were two bars: one bar for people who like football, and another bar for normal people. You might have guessed: we chose the second bar.
Another walk ended in San Nicolas. Here, we had to wait for a while at the bus stop for our taxi to arrive to take us back to Cazalla. While we were waiting, more and more people arrived at the square. It appeared there was something special happening. After some time it became clear to us there was something special happening at the square: it was us, waiting for the taxi.

What we really liked in the Sierra Norte, was that our hotel, an old cortijo, had a swimming pool. After a hot day of walking we could take a shower to remove all the sweat, and then spend the siesta by (and in) the pool.

Cool: our hotel has a swimming pool


In the evening the Gecko starts to come out. They are a type of lizard with suction-pads, so they can walk over the wall. This one is sitting in an artificial sun, the lamp.

Juan is Mr Barbacao in Cazalla

In Cazalla de la Sierra, the best place to eat is just outside the Posada del Moro hotel. Here you'll find mister barbacoa Juan, who can cook you a wonderful meal at very reasonable prices. His daughter Lucia is the waitress.

When you are eating here, you can enjoy the street parade of all the locals walking by. This is the main street into town, and around dinnertime is it ideal for a walk to the park.

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