Doñana National Park

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Marshy area

The river Guadalquivir flows through Córdoba, Sevilla and ends then in an marshy delta at the Atlantic coast, between Cádiz and Huelva.

The marshlands are protected as a National Park, where no entry is allowed. At the western side of the park a large buffer zone is open for tourists.

Dry, sandy area

This buffer is partly a marshland, like the Doñana itself, and partly a dry, sandy area with small pine trees and bushes.

Palacio El Acebron

The Palacio El Acebron is transformed into a visitor center.

Around the palace is a short walking trail (1.5 km). Part of the trail leads over bridges across marshy areas. If you think 1.5 km is a little short, there's another 3.5 km trail at the entrance to the park.

Walking trail

El Rocio

The nearby village, El Rocío, attracts a lot of people around Whitsuntide. A procession from Sevilla arrives here to worship the Holy Virgin of El Rocío. The floats are beautiful, they say. We were here in October, so we can't confirm this.

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