Palm trees in Elche

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Elche is the third largest city in the Valencia province of Spain. Elche is famous for its palm trees. Most of them aren't of the waving kind, but are instead wrapped up like a shaving-brush. As a result, the leafs are dried to yellow. These leaves are very popular for Palm Sunday.

Wrapped up

The Emperor of Palmtrees

A work of art with cabbages

This is a work of art on display in the Huerta del Cura, the botanic garden of Elche. We don't like it very much, but it looks very funny.

Please note it isn't a purple flower you see, it's a cabbage.

In the botanic garden are, of course, a lot of palm trees. They are very proud of a very old one, this one has a stem that's divided in seven.

Besides palm trees, there are also lots of cacti and a few Mirjams.

Cacti and Mirjam

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