La Granja

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The Palacio Real of La Granja de San Ildefonso is the Spanish version of the palace of Versailles in France.

The front

The back

This is about as close to the palace we got. Here are some reasons why we didn't want to get in:

- a guided tour, Spanish only
- very expensive
- no bags allowed
- we don't like rococo.


So we had to buy postcards to see we really didn't miss a thing. Actually, we didn't see the interior of Versailles either.

The gardens

What we do like are the gardens, both in La Granja and Versailles.

These gardens are BIG: 145 ha.

In the back of the gardens it looks more like a forest.

You will see a lot of squirrels here. This one walked along with us for almost half an hour.

A squirrel

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