Sierra de Grazalema

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Yesterday we walked behind those mountains over there, and this morning behind a mountain a bit closer to this viewpoint.

The Sierra de Grazalema has more mountains than flat land.

On top of the mirador

Looking down from the mirador

This is the short way from Grazalema-town to our hotel. With all those mountains, you don't have any really short ways: it's all curves.

Our hotel, an old farm, lies in a small valley, 160 meters lower than the main road. The way takes a lot of curves, to get this deep in only 1,500 meters length.

Seven cisterns

The frog jumped into the water
Seven drinking-troughs in a line, a nice sight on a hot summer day. A lot of frogs were sitting on the sides of the troughs, but they all jumped into the water when we approached. Splash! Just in time to make a picture of the splashing water of the last frog in.

A pink ribbon: the must be a river over there

A small bridge

Another river in the landscape, recognizable by the ribbon of pink oleander-flowers. Our walk crosses the river several times. A walk along the river is almost certainly shadowy. In 35 degrees you like shadow!!! The water of the river is very clear. We see a lot of water-animals, like whirligig-beetles.

We think the bottom of the lake is painted blue

The water in this reservoir is so blue, that we expect the bottom has been painted blue before the barrier was closed. As the reservoir is only a few years old (it didn't even show on our map), the paint can still be there.

Siesta time by the swimming pool

We know for certain the bottom of the swimming-pool is made of blue tiles. A lot of swallows come to drink from the pool: they fly close over the surface, dipping their beak into the water. Most of the wasps that try to drink from the pool, drown.

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