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When we first visited Segovia, we realized we had two problems, because we liked the Alcazar so much, we definitely wanted to buy it.

First: how to get enough money, second: how to get all the tourists out.

Dream on ! The best thing we could do was to buy a model in the giftshop.

Main entrance of the Alcazar of Segovia

The Alcazar looks like a castle from a fairytale.

Windows 1495

The fountain

An interesting detail of the Alcazar you will find inside. If you look at the paintings in the castle, you will notice they display an awful amount of blood. The favorite subject on these paintings is torture in all of its forms. By looking at the paintings it's not very difficult to imagine what the Spanish Inquisition was like.

This is a very strange cannon. Very wide and very short. Actually, this cannon is not really a cannon, it is a mortar. It lobs shells {cannonballs packed with gunpowder that have fuses, rather like modern mortars. They shoot high and surprisingly far and kill large groups of enemies all at once.


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