Sevilla - Alcazar

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The main square

Looking up from the main square

Another Alcazar! This one is in Sevilla. After Córdoba and similar buildings like de Casa de Pilatos (and maybe the Alcazaba's of Málaga and Granada) you wonder why you should visit another one. There are two reasons: 1. You (or better: we) can never see enough of the Moorish architecture (just have a look at those dozens of pictures of Iran). 2. This one is really very beautiful (as are the others). So, maybe it is still one reason. Actually there is a third reason: this Alcazar has an entrance especially for Leon: La Puerta de León. 

Moorish columns

When you finish looking at the arches - ain't it just like lace? - you can start wondering at the ceilings and the alcoves. All decorated with geometrical patterns and bright colors. 

Am I in Iran here ?

Gothic and Baroque

The Alcazar isn't just Moorish. In fact, there are three Alcazars: one Moorish, one Gothic (with Moorish influences) and one Baroque (also with Moorish influences). On the picture above you can see the difference between Gothic (left) and Baroque (right).
From now on, you'll be able to tell the difference between these styles (that comes in handy when you have to write a lot of blabla for some silly website).

An important part of Moorish architecture are the patios and gardens, with lots of flowers and fountains.

The shadow makes it a little less hot, and using so much water for nothing is a sign of extreme wealth in a climate like Andalucia. 

Soort van tuinhuisje (hoe heet dat in het Engels)

Catacombs, reflecting in water

A thing we never saw in other Alcazaba's, are the cellars. In this one is a large pond, with hundreds of coins. A school class visited them just before we did, testing the acoustics and throwing coins in the water. I bet they didn't see the reflection of the roof in the water. We had to wait several minutes after they left before the water eased down enough for us to make this photograph.

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