Sevilla - Casa de Pilatos

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The Casa de Pilatos has nothing to do with Pontius Pilatus, despite its name. The marquis of Tarifa went in 1518 on a Grand Tour through Europe and the Holy Land. He was impressed by the architecture of Italy. The rest of his life, he devoted to creating a new esthetics. His ideas had a lot of influence, his house became a example of this new style.

 Casa de Pilatos

What are Jan and Mia doing here ?

And it is called this way, because it should resemble the house of Pilatus in Jerusalem. Since Pilatus would have been dead for one and a half millennium when the marquis arrived in Jerusalem, we have some trouble believing this. 

Wonderful looking columns

Someone chopped off Pilatos' head A female Roman warrior ?
The house is an intriguing mix of the mudéjar, Moorish influenced style you can find in every palace in Andalucia and enormous Roman statues in the patios. And still we wonder .... we know Pilatos was dead a long time before this house was built .... but could it still be his head, resting on the fountain in the picture above in the middle ?

Of course, there are many fountains here

Rich decorations

You can have a look at the top floor only in a guided tour. When you are capable of understanding English with a very heavy Spanish accent, you will find it very interesting. The top floor is decorated with a lot of paintings and furniture. Nice paintings were the portraits made of a lady, to convince a man he should marry her. On the painting before the marriage, she looked much better than on the painting after the marriage. Of course, for men you won't find this type of portraits. After all, as a woman, you're expected to marry a man for his money and his title, not for his looks (although I did).

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