Impressions of Spain

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Blue is a very popular color in Spain.


In several Spanish vineyards, the plants are not tied to vine-props, like in France, but are allowed to cover the ground.

Desfiladero de Despañaperros

This place is called Desfiladero de Despeñaperros, which means Mountainpass "Throw down the dogs".

In the war between the Christians and the Moors, around 1200, the Christians drove the Moors back to the south. The word 'dogs' refers to the Moors, who lost the battle.

Nowadays, the greatest attraction of the pass is the division between the two lanes over a length of 10 kilometers. We stand at one of the many parking places along the southbound lane, down in the valley the northbound lane and the railroad can be seen.

Very peligro

In the west and south of Spain, you will se a lot of trees like this one, without bark. It is a cork oak. The bark is stripped every 7 to 10 years to make cork floors and stops for wine bottles. When a tree is recently stripped, the stem is orange colored.  Another thing you can find in this area, is storks. On every church you see a nest with one or two young storks standing on it. The parent birds are mostly out to find frogs and other food. The only come to feed their children in the morning and the evening. 
Cáceres is the stork-capital, with probably hundreds of storks. 



Irrigation-canals may be not too beautiful when made of concrete, the result is that in almost every part of Spain agriculture is possible.


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