Historic Basel

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Basel is situated at the corner of Switzerland, Germany and France. The river Rhine divides Basel in two: the old city mainly south of it, the newer part at the north.

The city is quit small, you can easily explore most of it in a couple of hours. For this purpose, the Tourist Information set out a couple of walks.

River Rhine in Basel

The Munster in Basel

The Munster church is highly decorated with many small towers and two big towers, a colorful roof and high gothic windows. Inside the church is the grave of Erasmus. Unfortunately, in three days we couldn't manage to visit the church at a time it was open, so we left Basel without a visit to the humanist from our own country.

The Swiss take care of their cities: everything is clean. Ugly shops or restaurants are not allowed: even MacDonalds is situated in a modest place, with only very small M's on the windows. You only find it when you are next to it.

Switzerland is famous for its mountains. Also in Basel you can find them, although they are filled with houses. It is fun to climb a small street and then find yourself over the roof of some houses.

View over the roofs

Wilde Ma is one of the foot-ferries over the Rhine

The Rhine can be crossed by bridge or one of the foot-ferries. The ferries hang with a cable to two poles over the river (hardly visible on this picture), so they don't drift on the stream.

On the picture below you see the famous Irma, our friend who decided Basel would be a nice place to visit. And she was right!

Irma with the Munster in the background

Lots of nice sights, like this fountain close to the Spalentor (Tor means gate), the pointy thingy in the back. The gate used to cross a canal, but this was filled up and changed into a street with new houses.

There are tens of fountains like this one, but everyone is different.

Fountain and Spalentor

Colorful city hall

As you can see, I didn't have a great camera. The city hall is a straight building at the market square. The walls are decorated with paintings and so. The small tower on top of the roof looks of pure gold. It is probably the best example of the historic city of Basel.

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