Museums in Basel

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Museum of Architecture

Doll houses and bears

In and close to Basel are lots of museums. The glass tower at the left is the Museum of Architecture. The exhibition we visited, wasn't really great, but the bookshop at the first floor made up to our expectations. 

The museum of dollhouses also houses hundreds of bears and miniature shops. We spent here some hours, until our feet and stomach protested. Both could be comforted at the museum café.

The chairs on the right can be seen when you take the guided tour at the Vitra Design Museum, just over the border with Germany. The chairs are 83 of the most known design pieces of the 20th century, and not only out of the Vitra factory, but also from other places. 

But perhaps this picture should be placed in the Architecture-page of this site, as several architectural factory halls can be seen as well. Although you can't have a look at those buildings and chairs when you don't take the tour, we can't really recommend it. It took us over 2 hours to have a very close look at the fire station and a congress building and two factories. Happily, the factories only from the outside. Otherwise it would have taken all day, all this time listening to remarks like "From the outside it looks different than from inside". 

Six out of 83 chairs in Vitra Design Museum

African art (or SM?)

Fondation Beyeler
The Fondation Beyeler could also be placed on the Architecture-page. This museum houses an astonishing combination of African art, like this man filled with spikes, and modern art, such as Picasso, Mondriaan, Van Gogh, Braque and so on.
In the center of Basel is this fountain of Tinguely, filled with all sorts of moving men, playing with water. In Basel you can also find the Tinguely museum.

Other museums you can find in Basel are another museum of modern art, toy-cars and things with fire trucks, and some alcohol or so (I lost my guide-books, so I can't tell you exactly). Of course, you can also visit the zoo. It is supposed to be quite nice. We didn't have time to check it ourselves.

Tinguely fountain

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