The Sultanahmet Square is the historic centre of Istanbul. On both sides of the square you find one of the important mosques of the city, and nearby are memorial columns, cisterns, bath houses and - of course - restaurants and shops.

The Sultanahmet mosque is better known as Blue mosque. Not an original name, as lots of mosques are called that way. On the outside it is vaguely blue because of the roofs, but it is supposed to be called blue because of the tiled dome on the inside. We think Sultanahmet is a better name.

Lots of domes

The Blue Mosque at night (actually an orange mosque)

Blue tiles give the Blue Mosque its name

Because the mosque is well known and in the historic centre, there are a lot of tourists. Actually, it is pretty crowded here. And you have to carry your shoes in a bag, because you leave through another exit than you came in. Both contribute to a less-liking of this mosque. But the doorknobs are great. 

We love the doorknobs

Many many tourists inside the Blue Mosque

The lights inside the mosque