On most maps which show Turkey, there is a big lake somewhere in the middle. Aksaray lies a bit to the southeast of this lake, some 300 kilometre from Ankara. As there is no train or plane, you have to travel by bus. Fortunately the buses are great. There are assistants offering you a drink, you can listen to several music-channels or watch the movie. During those three or four hours of travelling you have no need to look out of the window, especially in the Autumn: in the distance some hills and only the stubs of grain visible.

Three hours of boring landscapes

Where are we going ?

We stay in a pension in the centre of Aksaray. Sitting on the balcony, looking at everything that happens on the street is a pleasure. A grandfather with his grandchildren, a lady hanging the laundry to dry, people passing by.

City life, seen from our balcony

Our neighbour across the street

Until you take some pictures a little too obvious, then you turn into the happening yourself. Mirjam gets discovered by a couple of 10-year old girls. After answering the standard question "What's your name ?" the English of the girls comes to an end.

Leon knows a little bit of Turkish. The sentences he has learned are very useful in some situations, like tuvalet kaĝıdı bitmiş (we're out of toilet paper). However, in this situation, he can't help Mirjam with her conversation, other than Türkçe konuşmacını bilmıyorum (I don't speak Turkish).


Because we need some things for the rest of our holiday in Cappadocia, we go shopping. In Aksaray you can buy almost anything, the trick is to find the right shop.

Herbs and nuts

After visiting markets in touristy places like Alanya with all the fake-brand clothes, shopping in Aksaray is great. This is not a place for tourists, it's a place for the people of Aksaray. Everything is exhibited to look really good, like the plastic buckets and the herbs and nuts. Of course, for us this is a lot more fun than row after row of shops all selling the same fake Diesel shirts.

This fruit seller probably had a hard day, so he is taking a nap next to his fruit.

Taking a nap

Expensive clothing


A few months before, we were in Bristol; where the covered market was especially used by the smaller, more down-market shops. Here in Aksaray you find the more expensive shops in the covered passage: fashion and jewellers.