Out first night was in Ankara, and at the end of our vacation we stay there for almost two nights. Unlike Istanbul, there are not many tourists in Ankara. So when you visit the Roman Baths, you are likely to be the only one wondering why every column in a Roman bath seems to be filled with text.

Roman baths

It's all Greek to me

Temple of Augustus

One of the two mosques you really should have seen when visiting Ankara, is the one next to the temple of August. It looks like part of the temple is used for the building of the mosque. In a small building standing next to those two is xxx buried. When you see many people here, praying and crying, you might think he passed away only recently. And compared to eternity, he did, about 500 years ago.

Kocatepe mosque

Inside the mosque

The other mosque can be seen from most parts of Ankara, with its four minarets. The inside is even better than the outside, with paintings, stained glass and decorated lamps.


Atatürk mausoleum

Almost as sacred is the mausoleum of Atatürk. Under the mausoleum itself is a museum, where you can refresh your knowledge of Atatürk before facing him. Or actually, his tombstone.

More Atatürk

Volkswagen Beetles

Locks and keys

We enjoyed walking through the streets, looking at the shops and the traffic and the people.

Shops are highly specialized and in any street you usually find only one type of shop, like jewellers, sellers of dried fruit, bathrooms, flowers and so on.

Crowds in the streets
Blue buckets

Colourful flower curtains

Turkish railways

In 1990 the Turkeys railway decided to get rid of their steam locomotives and to replace them with more modern machinery. Fortunately, all the enormous beasts that used to pull the carriages where put together in a museum. 

Locomotiv museum

Apparently there are two types of restaurants. In the expensive type there may be live music, there is a menu and apparently ladies don't have to wear their scarves. On the contrary, we might even say. Those video clips you see on Turkish television (with lots of almost naked women), are true !! You just have to go to a very expensive restaurant to see it.

Live music in an expensive restaurant

This one's a lot cheaper

The cheap places don't do anything with music, you can point at the food at the counter to tell what kind of food you want. As ladies don't visit this type of restaurant (Mirjam was the only one here), they don't have to wear scarves either. Strangely, the food itself is not that much different.