The day we visited Antalya would be a day with a lot of variation. First, we visited the Kurşunlu waterfall. There are two waterfalls in Antalya, Kurşunlu and Düden. We've seen them both, although the only thing we saw of the Düden waterfall was a quick glimpse while driving by in the bus. At the Kurşunlu waterfall we actually stopped and got the opportunity to walk around a bit. After visiting Iceland you don't get exciting very easily about another waterfall.

Kursunlu waterfall


Still, the Kurşunlu is very nice. Around the waterfall are many footpaths, giving access to all sorts of viewpoints. Trying to find the ideal place to photograph the waterfall, while being distracted by frogs, fish and an occasional forest nymph is a fun thing to do.
The next item on the agenda was the visit to the jewellery store you've read about on the previous page. It's a unique experience, which I'm trying to forget as soon as possible. Lunch in Antalya also was very special. We were brought to a restaurant that can only be described as a tourist feeding factory. About twenty (or more) touring cars on the parking place, waiters running around shouting, no atmosphere, no fun. Every group gets a time slot of 25 minutes, so you'll have to eat fast, the next group is already waiting. Still, the food itself was OK.

After lunch, we drove around through the city for a while, by bus. Volkan, our guide, pointed out where we could find the attractions of Antalya: the bazaar, the harbour, the Atatürk statue and the street with all the banks and ATM's. For us, the last was most urgent, we we're pressingly out of money. The bus dropped us off at the bazaar. The next few hours, we could do anything we wanted.

Chicken, chicken

Atatürk statue

First, a quick glance at the bazaar. Although the bazaar is very colourful, it's obvious this is not a bazaar intended for local Antalyans. This is a place for tourists, the locals do their shopping somewhere else.

Spices at the bazaar
Since we're out of money, we don't buy anything; we head for the street with all those ATM's.
Because we didn't pay attention in the bus when Volkan gave us directions, we get lost almost immediately. Before we find the bank street, we've seen quite a lot of the city. This is cool, for now we've got the chance to see some parts of the city NOT crowded with tourists. We've seen the places where the locals do their shopping, too.

Gümüs textile

Before we find the bank street, we've seen the harbour, the statue, the mosque, and lots of other things. So finally, when we got our money, it's time to go back to the bus, our afternoon in Antalya is over.

Sylvie's watch

One of the members of our group, Sylvie, bought this watch at the bazaar.
Too high ?


While driving back to our hotel in Side, Claudia and I make some pictures of everyday situations we see from the bus. We end up with a whole series of photos, but these ones of the truck and the tractor I like the most.