Aphrodisias, the city dedicated to the Greek goddess of Love, Aphrodite. In a previous holiday, we've seen the place where she was born, on the island of Cyprus. She is said to be born from the foam of the sea around a rock on the beach, close to the city of Pafos. Here in Turkey, they don't talk about Cyprus, so we don't hear this part of the Aphrodite's story.

A statue of Aphrodite ?

More poppies

The stadium

Mia in the stadium

After visiting Efeze the day before, Aphrodisias is a great place. It's almost as beautiful as Efeze, but without the millions of tourists. In April, everything is still green, which makes walking through this ancient city a very relaxing experience.

We think the most interesting part of Aphrodisias is the stadium. It is said to be the best preserved stadium in the Mediterranean region. And it's large too: 260 meter long and 60 meter wide, with a seating capacity of 30,000. An athletics game must have been great, here.

In the city op Aphrodisias, our guide Volkan also tells us the story about Troy. Well, we've seen the movie with Brad Pitt, so we know all about it. And we've seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail too, so we keep seeing flying Trojan Rabbits for the rest of the day.

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Lancelot, Galahad and I leap out of the rabbit and attack them completely by surprise! Volkan doesn't like Monty Python very much, that's for sure.
Run away !!!!!