Museum of Archaeology

One of the most important museums of Turkey is the Archaeological Museum, situated in the Topkapı area. It has a lot of sculptures on display, varying from the Greek to the late Byzantine era. Of some specific regions, like Istanbul and Troy, there are findings from the beginning of civilization as well.

Jesus had enormous ears Unfortunately, the museum also shows that the portraying of people is not allowed in the Islam. A lot of sculptures are beheaded. Fortunately there are really a lot of sculptures in the museum, so there are enough left with heads.

However, in some cases that might be considered a disadvantage. On the picture on the left, you see Jesus. And just look at his ears. Aaargh!


Alexander Sarcophagus
The pride of the museum is the Alexander sarcophagus. This sarcophagus is richly decorated with soldiers and horses fighting a battle. Alexander the Great is not buried in it, but depicted somewhere on the outside.

A detail

It's very cold ... being a guard

Because the museum has such an important collections, there are a lot of guards. On cold days like this, being a guard isn't a nice job. Unless you can sit right in front of a heater, of course.