Over the years and in several countries we have already seen lots of amphitheatres. No reason to drive extra kilometres for another one, even though they say it is very well preserved. But we where around, so let's have a look anyway. 

The seats

Amfitheatre And we didn't regret it. Aspendos is very well preserved. It is still in use for concerts. A few of the benches has been restored, but most of it is in its original state.  
The front wall, at the end of the halve circle, has a lot of decorations. 

The front wall

At the wide end of the halve circle, at the top of the benches, is a hallway leading all around. 

At the back

A window looking out over the countryside And sometimes you find a window looking outside. over the countryside. After you've seen the theatre, you might take a short walk, and see the other sight of Aspendos, the aqueduct.