The Bosporus

One of the things you just have to do is a trip on the Bosporus. You can take the official ferry, which brings you up to the Black Sea. Although there isn't a guide on board, you come quite close to most of the sights. A disadvantage is that you have to spend two or three hours for lunch at the last harbour before the ferry returns. But of course, you can also take a bus back. 
Eminönü is the shore for all the ferries. Not only the ferries over the Bosporus arrive here, but also the one over the Golden Horn. A lot of people come here for fishing. On both bridges over the Golden Horn the fishers are standing side by side. They catch very small fish, and most of the time 4 or 5 at once. 


Selling fish

Who wasn't very lucky with fishing or didn't have the time, can buy fried fish. The men are wearing original Ottoman vests.

Vapur-type ferryboat

Ferry for cars

Another possibility is to take a private tour from one of the boats at Eminönü. These boats don't go to the Black Sea, but you get to see most of the sights and some-one points everything out to you.

Seagull flying along the ferry

What you should not do, is book a trip with a bit of boating, a walk over the Egyptian market, a visit to one of the mosques and a leather-factory and pay 35 euro for it. 

Fishing boat
A trip by ferry is great fun, with seagulls trying to catch a bit of bread. The fisherman in his little boat, who is almost run over by the big ferries, will probably not agree.

Houses at the shore in every style you can imagine.


In the harbours, the fishermen sell their varied catch of the day from their boat.

Fresh fish

Another seagull

The fortress of Rumelı is also known as the European fortress. It is built in the European side of the Bosporus. At the Asian side as a similar fortress, but it is not is as good a condition as this one. Both are built in only four months time. When you see the fortress from the boat, it doesn't look very big. But when you walk inside, four months is unbelievably fast.

Rumeli Hasari

Mirjam is not afraid of heights

There are 3 big towers and every tower has a lot of steps. In between there are walls with even more steps. Oh, and there are no railings, so it is not really a place to visit when you are afraid of heights (or afraid your children will fall down).

Photographer at work Wondering what's behind the door


In Istanbul, at the end of the Wall of Theodosifus, lies another fortress. This one is called Yedikule, as it has seven towers. The view below is from Yedikule over the Bosporus, where you can see all the ships waiting to do what? Go into the Bosporus? Or get unloaded?

Many boats