Mustafapasja - Çavuşin - Sarihan Kervanserai - Avanos


North of Mustafapasja the landscape for which Cappadocia is famous really starts: sharp cones of rock, formed by erosion. The rock varies from pure white to pink to grey, this region is not by change called Scarlet Valley. 

Rock cones, always more cones

Enjoying the view

Strange forms



Ugly souvenirs

Between Cavusin and Avanos the greatest rocks are found: with a little roof still standing on top. This area is more touristy than around Ihlara. That means that at a car park you can sometimes see two or even three buses at the same time ! Although in summer it will probably be even busier than this.

This is the best one we've seen

Boring landscape

Close to Avanos lies the Saruhan Kervanserai. From the outside it looks just like any jeweller just outside the major tourist places. Or it could be used as a prison. But upon entering, you come into a small oasis. Unfortunately it is Ramazan when we are here, so there isn't any tea. And the whirling Derwish show is only in the evening. 




Our hotel


We move on to Avanos, a city famous for its ceramics. They even use it for traffic control. Our hotel has nothing to do with ceramics, but is a strange concoction of a lot of rooms, terraces and stairs. The the buffet breakfast is the most varied we had this vacation.

Pottery can be very useful