Eyüp Sultan

The village Eyüp is a destination for pilgrims. One of the servants of Mohammed is buried here at the Sultan Eyüp mosque. Several devout people were here at the same time we were, praying and reading from the Q'uran.

Water taxi

Eyup Sultan mosque

The gate The entrance to the tomb

Inside the mosque

Café Pierre Loti

The Sultan Eyüp mosque is built next to an enormous graveyard on a hill. When you climb the hill, you finally reach the Pierre Loti Café. This is a café named after the poet Julien Viaud. Pierre Loti, Julien Viaud?? Yeah, right... and all my brothers are called Peter, except Charley, whose name is Jack.

View from Café Pierre Loti

Turkish tea

Anyway, you can have a look at the historic café, drink a cup of tea and enjoy the view over the entire Golden Horn.