Ihlara Valley
Selime - Ihlara - Helvadere - Yenipinar - Ihlara - Çardak

Melendiz river

We walk for three days near Ihlara. The first day is a short and easy trip from Selime to Ihlara, along the river Melendiz. This river has scoured a small canyon in the rock. And not only the river has done some scouring: the people living here made a lot of caves. Some of them were used as churches and painted with frescos. A couple of the more famous churches can also be reached by stairs from a restaurant standing on top of the canyon. In the surroundings of this restaurant, it was pretty busy, but further away we had the place almost for ourselves. 


Looking throuhg the door

Drastic landscapes



At the end of the first walking day we reach Ihlara. We have a detailed description how to find the Anatolia Pansion, which is not the place where we will stay. After asking for directions, Bişginler Pansion isn't that hard to find.



Iceland ?

The second day we walk on the sides of the volcano Hasan Dagi. We start in a small village, Helvadere, and climb to the pass. Here we suppose we have left Turkey and got someway to Iceland: rock and moss as far as you can see.
Barren landscape

But a bit further we walk through forest and then we reach Yenipinar. The school kids just have a break and they are willing to pose for a couple of tourists.

We are very interesting

Two horses for the wagon and a fowl walking beside it: a great view.

Yenipinar transport

And it is Autumn: apples on the tree and really friendly people offering us a few.

The mountain

Encounter on the road Apples

Friendly old chaps

The last day in this region we walk from Ihlara to Çardak. In between lies Ihlusu, where we have a cup of tea on the terrace of the teahouse. One of the men worked in Germany for seven years, so we had a bit of a conversation.

And Mirjam learns some more Turkish words, like Teşekkür (thank you) and Çok güzel (very beautiful). Always convenient.

Levada ?

In Çardak we have a new opportunity to use our Turkish words, although the children know a lot of questions in English. After some time we are happy the teahouse is off-limits for children. Usually women are also only accepted on the terrace, but here they are used to tourists who wait for the taxi to bring them to Soĝanli. A pity, as it is a bit cold inside and outside it is still warm and sunny.

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