The Koç museum

In a city as big as Istanbul, there is more than mosques and palaces. One of the modern places to see is the Industrial museum, created by Mr. Koç.


A London bus in Istanbul

Harley Davidson

The museum shows a lot about the industry in Turkey. One of them is a huge collection of cars and motor cycles. We imagine that when some-one starts collecting things like that, his friends probably help him. Like "I have an English double-deck bus (or submarine or airplane), it only needs to be transported here".

Dive !!

There is also a sewing-mill and carpenters workplace. When we were here, there was a exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci. A lot of machines that he had drawn were here, made from wood. Most of the machines you could try yourself. Only the flying machines were safely hung to the ceiling, some-one might want to try those and find out they didn't work properly!

Pushing cars into the exhibitions area

Any person clocking in for anyone else will be instantly dismissed


DC3 flying low