Sunset in Kuşadasi

After visiting Efeze and Sirinše we arrived in our hotel in Kuşadasi. My photo friend Claudia suggested we'd go to the beach, to make some pictures of waves and other things you might see on a beach. Good plan, but let's wait for about half an hour, maybe there's a nice sunset. This might give even better photos.


Reflections in the sand

Braking the waves

As it turned out, the decision to wait for half an hour before heading to the beach was a perfect one. Nearing sunset the light became more and more beautiful. And the beach, a bit shabby at first, became a fascinating place for photographers. As you can see we made quite a few good shots.

Flooded by sunlight

Our friend the fisherman

We made a great many shots of this fisherman. He must have thought we were crazy, with our cameras. Well, in the end he got used to us, we think.

Claudia by sunset

When the sun got closer to the horizon, we started to make some funny pictures, using the sun as an object to play with. In the end, Claudia pushed the sun under water and we headed back to the hotel, to see if there was any food left in the restaurant.

Catching the sun

The last few millimeters