We always like to visit miniature cities and sights, especially when we have already seen some of them in real. Miniatürk isn't an exception. A large part of the park is dedicated to Istanbul, so we recognize a lot of buildings. And we have also seen some of the other famous sights of Turkey during our earlier trips. It is a pity there isn't much decoration, like people-figures, cars and so on. In the brochure we find that they are usually there, so perhaps they are removed for the winter.

Nemrut Dag

A door

It's 9:05

We find out there are still a lot of places left to be seen, even though some of the sights are in Miniatürk restored and not in real life. So probably, we will add another page to Turkey within a few years time. 

Atatürk war exhibition

Miniature and real houses