Saklıkent and Xanthos

The first day of our 8-day holiday in Turkey started very late. Our plane was scheduled for 22:30. We arrived at the Antalya airport at 03:30. The first hotel was 'conveniently' located in Kemer, an hour driving from Antalya. A few hours of sleep, back into the bus and then back to Antalya. Grrrr.

From Antalya, we drive for a few more hours, through the Taurus mountains. After that, still some more hours in the bus, until everyone is completely bored and completely exhausted. Hell, whose idea was it to book this holiday by bus ?

The beach in Kemer

The walking platform in the Saklikent Gorge

At last we reach our first goal for today, the Saklıkent Gorge. This is a narrow gorge, that can be entered by a hanging boardwalk. This way, you can enter the gorge for about 250 meters.
If you want to go further, you need to have a better condition than most people on bus tours like this, and mountaineering equipment. And for some places you also need flippers and a snorkel. Since we only have half an hour to visit Saklıkent (including necessary toilet breaks), those 250 meters are as far as we get.

Jan and Mia in the Saklikent Gorge

Old Turkish man waving us goodbye

When we're back in the bus again, we discover the nice cafés and teahouses on the other side of the bridge. No wonder we weren't allow to cross the bridge, this would have cost a lot more time than half an hour.

There's even something called an internet café. We wonder how they connect to the internet; there are no chairs, no tables .... there isn't even a computer.

The reason why we had to hurry so much in Saklikent, was that the ancient city of Xanthos would close at 17:00. Xanthos would be the first ancient city on this tour. And there would be more; for the tour is called "Ancient Turkey".

 Xanthos theatre

Xanthos isn't the most spectacular ancient city. It isn't very big, it isn't very good preserved, it doesn't have anything special to be found only here. And for some reason we really like Xanthos. Maybe because Xanthos gives us the chance to be out of the bus for a while ?

Film crew in Xanthos

Into the arena

Of course, there's also the puzzle of how to reach the middle of the theatre. We've seen the gate giving access to the arena, but figuring out how to get there wasn't that easy.

After visiting Xanthos, it was a short drive to our hotel in Fethiye. On the photo above, you can see what Mia and Jan looked like at the end of this day.