The beach

Side is a strange place. First, it's a modern seaside beach resort, with all things you might expect in a tourist place like this: lots of hotels, bars, restaurants, discos, shops, etcetera. On the other hand, Side is also an important ancient city. And what we like about Side, is that the ancient city and the modern beach resort slowly fade into each other, there is no distinct border between those two.

For us, Side was the last day on our 8-day holiday in Turkey. The bus to the airport would pick us up at 15:00, we could spend the day as we liked.

The lazy people in our group chose to spend this day in the hotel, lying by the swimming pool. Mia, Jan and I were not the lazy kind. If you've booked a tour called Ancient Turkey, you've got to see ancient stuff, so let's find the ruins of the old city.

A boat for tourists

Statue of Jan and Mia

Big fun

Definitively dead

Before we found the ancient city, we saw a lot of the beach stuff too. Since there are no time schedules to meet anymore, this is very relaxing: walk a few 100 meters, have a drink in a restaurant, walk a few more, have another drink.

Finally we reach the ancient city, where we skip the theatre (I think we've seen enough of those, the last couple of days) and enter the museum, fountain and ancient baths.

Mia between flowers

And when you've got the time to look around, without being pressed by Volkan's watch, these are really cool. The displays in the museum are quite interesting. Outside the museum we find the turtle, who apparently does have a time schedule to keep. He races all the way through the garden in under five minutes.

Racing turtle

After visiting the ancient city we start to walk back to the hotel. We have lunch in a restaurant, where we have the first chance this week to eat anything other than chicken. All hotels we've been this week served chicken, and we really enjoy eating something else.

Another theatre

Red flowers

After lunch we return to the hotel, where we have an hour left to spend at the swimming pool, before the bus picks us up.

At the airport I finally buy some souvenirs. Instead of carpets, leather jackets or jewellery I buy a couple of CD's with Turkish music.

The road between Side and Antalya