Süleyman Mosque

The Süleyman mosque has nothing to do with shopping, of course. But you reach it easy from the Egyptian Bazaar and then it is not far to the Grand Bazaar. You can recognize the mosque by the minarets: the four minarets together have 10 balconies, symbolising that Süleyman was the 10th sultan.

Süleyman by night


Necessary repairs

The first time we came to the Süleyman, it was praying time. Instead of waiting to enter, we watched how the sink roofs are made, all by hand.


Inside Süleyman mosque

Later we did enter the mosque. Really nice, but why are the lamps hanging so low? You tend not to look at the impressive domes because of them. On the graveyard next to the mosque is also the tomb of Süleyman himself. And some other guys, apparently. In a separate tomb lies his wife, Roxelane.

The mausoleum