Cathedral The Offa's Dyke starts at Chepstow, in the south of Wales. A search on the internet learns us that we can travel easy and inexpensive by plane to Bristol, and from there by train. And as the plane tickets are cheaper in the weekend, we decided to stay for a few days in Bristol, to see the sight.

Of course, when you stay in a hotel near the cathedral, the financial advantage is soon gone. But you get the opportunity to visit the cathedral just after it opened.


Henry VIII

At the other end of the city centre (so, about 15 minutes walking), we found a covered market with great shops and foodstalls. We wonder if we will find those great flip flops in Turkey next autumn as well.

 A yellow negro

Frog Sea creatures

@Bristol is a new experience in the city. There is a wild walk with those little frogs and fishes and so. You can do a lot of science tricks (and they are neat!). And there is an Imax theatre (which we didn't visit). It is next to the Millennium square, where you can play with water when the weather is fine.


Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

Something old: the Bristol museum for lots of different things, like paintings, stuffed birds, minerals, ceramics and so on. If you can't find anything of your liking in the regular exhibitions, try the temporary ones: we had the most famous toys from every decade in the last 100 years.
Bristol at night is especially fun on Saturday night: it is crowded with girls, most of them having stag parties. We didn't see any boys. Not even boys having stag parties, although we would expect that for each girl getting married there must be a boy getting married as well. But perhaps they go to some cart centre or paintball place, so you can't see them.

Too bad for them, there are lost of girls are wearing almost completely nothing. In Bristol, you just have to show your tits. This is something Leon enjoys a lot ... until it gets cold. With all those goosebumps, he just feels pity for these girls.

Girls on stag parties

The train at the Industrial Museum Clifton Suspension Bridge

Old Bridge

And even more things to see and do in Bristol: the Clifton Suspension bridge, an old, deserted railway bridge now acting as a foot bridge, and a steam train at the Bristol Industrial museum. Although we didn't know what to expect when we came here, we had some great days in Bristol.