The London Eye

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The Eye seen from accross the Thames

In the center of London stands the Millennium Wheel or London Eye, 150 meters high. It resembles the wheel of a bicycle: why change a good design?

Maybe at first you'll think it isn't in working order, this is because it's moving only very slowly. It takes half an hour to complete the circle. 

Going up !

Don't change a good design

On top

From the Eye you have a great view over London, it is almost twice as high as the St. Paul's, and about the same height as the highest buildings of Canary Wharf.

Quite close to the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

The construction

And to any-one who is afraid of heights: don't do it !!! Although I am usually not afraid of heights I hated every one of the 30 minutes of the ride, and all I did was sit on the bench and stare at something very high far away, so it didn't show that much that you moved. Afterwards I saw the pictures Leon made, and I enjoyed them much better than the real thing.

Some of the bridges over the Thames

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