The London Glassblowing Workshop

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The old leather market In South London you can find the Leather Market. This used to be the place where leather was tanned and sold. Nowadays, there are a lot of small workshops. One of them is the London Glassblowing Workshop. When you ring the bell, you are allowed to come up and have a look at the art gallery and the workshop. A glass blower is something you don't expect in the middle of London. We saw several in the Glass District in Sweden (there are lots of them), and we went to the Waterford Crystal Factory in Ireland. And since the sight of red-hot glass is addicting, we also wanted to see this one.
A glass blower The workshop is hot as hell, since there are several ovens burning to melt the glass. In this place mostly art pieces are made in limited editions. In the art gallery the pieces are exhibited. 

Part of the workshop

Dribbly glass

Here you see some examples of the items that were on display in the art gallery. 

As you can see, they are quite colorful.

If you want to see more, or want more information about the workshop, check out London Glassblowing's own website.

A flower pot

Dunas de Maspalomas ?

You don't want to know the name of this piece

I asked for the price of a vase I liked especially, but I appear to have an exclusive taste (at least: more exclusive than I can pay). It was a unique piece (no other copies) of an artist with certain fame, who went to Brazil. So he won't make more items here, which probably even makes it more expensive.After this, I didn't dare to ask the price of other articles.

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