Kew Gardens

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Kew. Now pay attention, 007.

Trees in autumn colors

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew are worth the trouble of taking the tube to Outer London. On a rainy day you can spend your time in the plant houses. The Palm House is the most beautiful, as well for its design as for its plants. 

Schoolboys in the crystal palace

When you're lucky with the weather, you can walk for hours outside. Doing so, we saw many squirrels, but anytime we took out our camera, they were all gone in a few microseconds.

The palace garden

A little bench for elderly people ?

We were there in autumn, as you can see by the colors of the trees. The picture at the bottom-left is a postcard, even in Kew Gardens (where the can grow Chinese Towers as if they belong here) they can't get a  rhododendron into bloom in October. 

A Chinese tower and a couple of rhododendrons

These pictures are postcards too. You might think a pictures like this can be made any time of the year, since these enormous water lilies are in one of the plant houses. However, the Tropical Waterlily House is the only plant house that opens in summer only.

Water lilies

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