Beatle Street

From Prestatyn, the end of the Offa's Dyke, we took the train to Liverpool, where a plane would bring us home again.

Unlike Bristol, we knew something of Liverpool: that's where the Beatles come from. And it is impossible not to notice that. Although at some places you can also see they are not the only band from Liverpool and not the only well known one as well.

Beatle statue
Shopping district

Maritime museum

When walking through the centre, we find out Liverpool is a nice city. A lot of people are shopping, having a talk with some-one else or are just looking at people passing by. The city centre is pretty big, and close by are the Albert Docks, with some museums, lots of cafés and restaurants and trendy shops.

At the beach a bit north from Liverpool, easily reached by the metro, we visit the statues of Antony Gormley. The bronze men will be standing in the sea or on the beach looking at the sea until November 2006. We found out we missed an earlier opportunity in De Panne in Belgium, which is a lot closer to home.

Antony Gormley statues

Anglican Cathedral

Telephone box

Roman Catholic Cathedral

Liverpool is probably the only city in the world that has two cathedrals: a Roman Catholic and an Anglican. The Anglican, on the left, is pretty much the standard church design. Its building started in 1904 and the last bit ended in 1978. The telephone box can be found inside, because the architect of the cathedral also designed the telephone box.

The Roman Catholic cathedral, above, looks very modern. It was built in 1967. It looks on the inside even better than on the outside, with coloured glass all around, giving it a wonderful atmosphere. Unfortunately, some of the new building techniques didn't work out as planned, so the last 30 years they are repairing and renovating bits and pieces.

From the tower of the Anglican church you have a view all over Liverpool. We tried to see the Jubilee tower, as you can see Liverpool from there, but we were not sure if we could make it out.

If you want to see the 360o panorama photo we made from the top op the Cathedral tower, just click here.

Old buildings

Liverpool will be European Cultural Capital in 2008, and they are already organizing exhibitions and so to prepare for it (like the Gormley statues). There is a lot of building going on in the city, so we fear that the old, colourful buildings like these will be gone in a few years time, replaced by some yuppie-apartment stores.

View over the city

Ready to be renovated

No drinking

Big Brother is watching you. Britain is filled with CCTV's, on every corner is some camera monitoring the traffic or the people passing by. After the bombings in July 2005 (when we were walking somewhere in the fields between Wales and England), most of these camera's will probably have tape to record things as well. 

Big brother
Wet paint ? No way !!!


Some ridiculous things: A statue of Wellington (you know, the guy who won at Waterloo) in Lord Nelson street.

And a door which haven't been painted in 15 years with a note: 'wet paint'. Yeah right !

Done with mirrors

This is the elevator in our hotel. It's a fun thing to make photographs like this. See if you can count how many Leons you can see in the picture.

Another thing we didn't expect in Liverpool at all: Western Approaches, the headquarters of the British Navy during the second world war. All major attacks during the war were lead from here, like the attack that lead to the sinking of the Bismarck.

 Underground headquarters