Offa's Dyke Path - 1

Chepstow - Llangattock Lingoed

Day 0 Chepstow to Sedbury Cliffs... and back 3,6 miles 5,8 km
Day 1 Chepstow The Fence 8,9 miles 14,2 km
Day 2 The Fence Hendre Farm 11 miles 17,6 km
Day 3 Hendre Farm Llangattock Lingoed 10,3 miles 16,5 km

The First Hurdle

Our first B&B, in Chepstow, is appropriately called 'The First Hurdle' (although we won't be riding horses).

At the first day of our walk along the Offa's Dyke Path, we start at the beginning, at Chepstow.  Or actually, at the Sedbury Cliffs, on the riverside of the Severn.

The beginning of the Offa's Dyke Path

Here you see us sitting next to the stone that marks the beginning of the Path. The sign states the Path is 168 miles long. Our (very recent) guidebook says otherwise: 177 miles. We wonder where those extra miles come from.

We haven't even left Chepstow, and there's the first castle on our Path. As the Dyke forms the border between England and Wales, we will pass several castles, built by either the Welsh or the English knights.

 Chepstow Castle

Street with coloured houses in Chepstow

In the morning we find out that the Wye is under influence of the tide: the water level has dropped dramatically during the night.

Empty river

Our path lies high above the Wye. At the Devil's Pulpit (at the right) you have a view over Tintern Abbey. Climbing the Devil's Pulpit is optional, the view is great even if you don't.

Wye Valley viewpoint

Tintern Abbey, seen from the Devil's Pulpit

The George
After that we arrive right before a thunder storm at our next B&B. Unfortunately our landlady is still visiting her mother, but we are sitting dry on the porch. And the pub that evening has a nice atmosphere, so who complains?

Waiting for our landlady

The Kymin

The next day we walk on to Monmouth. In the hills overlooking the city lies the Kymin, with the Round house. Here you have a great view. A bit further we pass a place with a view that our guinea pig likes: a lot of green leaves.

A lot of green leaves for our guinea pig

In Monmouth Mirjam buys a new backpack. The old one has a broken zipper, and this is the last place for a few days where we can buy anything else than lunch. 

Garbage (the old backpack)

Mirjam showing her new backpack

Following the cows !

White Castle (no longer white)

Our Path leads us through fields with families of cows and wheat. The next castle is White Castle, with a beautiful moat and lots of towers. The view from here is fantastic. If it would have been a bit more clear, we would probably have seen the Kymin again.
Leon in the fields

Lovely day, isn't it ?

B&B in sepia The last bit of today is uphill and in the rain, to Llangattock Lingoed. Sara of the Hunters Moon Inn has prepared a new menu and is writing it down on the blackboard. Well, you can't stay gloomy after dinner here. 

Hunters Moon Inn, Sara writing the menu