Offa's Dyke Path - 2

Llangattock Lingoed - Hay on Wye

Day 4 Llangattock Lingoed Longtown 7 miles 11,2 km
Day 5 Longtown Hay-on-Wye 13 miles 20,8 km
Extra Hay-on-Wye A day of rest - -

We learned it as soon as the first day: there are two type of walk in the UK: strolls along the river ... and National Trails. On the last type there are (of course) no benches to enjoy a cup of coffee. Fortunately, there are stiles (lots of them actually, and that is not so fortunate). If you don't mind to be separated by a gate for a while, you can use them as seats during your coffee break.

Cookie break on a stile

Mirjam reading the guidebook

From Pandy to Hay on Wye, that's almost two days, we walk on top of the Hatterall Ridge. It feels like we walk on the top of the world, with the Ridge stretching out before us and magnificent views to the right and the left. At the end of the first day we descend to Longtown, where we visit the castle (of course) and a B&B. 

View from Hatterall Ridge The only disadvantage: the next morning we have to climb up again, some 400 meters. After an hour or so, when you sit at the top of the Ridge again, you can point down: 'Look, there's our B&B'.

B&B in Longtown

What's all this green stuff ?

On top of the Ridge

Near Hay Bluff

All morning of the second day we have the Ridge to ourselves, until we get close to Hay-on-Wye. Suddenly a lot of walkers appear out of nowhere. Fortunately you have a choice to descend: the official Path and the popular one. To keep a hold on our feeling of peace, we choose the quiet path.

Descending towards Hay

In Hay-on-Wye we have a day of rest. This place is famous for its bookshops. There are several dozens of shops, and the number of books must be several millions. To see the bookshops, click here.

Although we have luggage transfer, we try to keep the extra weight down to a minimum. Books are heavy, we know. So we avoid all the bookshops. Instead, we spend our day canoeing on the Wye and drinking coffee in the Coffee & Icecream Parlour.

Coffee and Icecream Parlour

Canoeing lessons

Canoeing on the Wye

Hay-on-Wye Castle (or just another bookshop)

Books, books, everywhere

OK, after canoeing and after the Icecream Parlour we do visit some bookshops. In Hay-on-Wye, there just isn't much else to do. The arts and craft centre isn't very interesting, so in the end we do end up in the bookshops. Keeping in mind (again) that books are heavy, we manage to buy only two small pockets. Pfff.

Four Mirjams talking to themselves

And Mirjam really starts talking to herself. If that doesn't improve, she may be locked away pretty soon.