Offa's Dyke Path - 4

Drewin Farm - Llangollen

Day 9 Drewin Farm Buttington 14,1 miles 22,6 km
Day 10 Pool Quay Trefonen 14,3 miles 22,9 km
Day 11 Trefonen Llangollen 12 miles 19,2 km

Yes, it's all flat !! More flat terrain

This petrol station is no longer in use

Our knees are happy the next day: this is almost as flat as Holland. Only just before Buttington we have to climb again. But this time we are treated with a hillfort on top of the hill. It's just like a kind of round Offa's Dyke, with views all around.

We brought our thermos, so every morning we have a cup of coffee, sitting on a stile or just somewhere in a field. This morning, we started our coffee in a big field, with some cows at the other end. After some time they noticed us, and soon we had this audience. So much for coffee, all those wet noses hanging above it ...

Just a lot of bull(s)

The hillfort

Aquaduct on the Montgomery Canal

Air Force


Between Four Crosses and Llanymynech we walk along the Montgomery Canal. At the picture on the left you might notice we are walking on an aqueduct, just a bit further is the bridge for the cars. The picture on the right is the bit where we took the road instead of the path alongside the canal: we didn't want to disturb a complete swan-family. In the middle a picture that had nothing to do with the canal: every day there were some helicopters or fighters of the Air Force flying over. And as you can see: they fly pretty low. But as it evidently takes only a few minutes for them to earn their salary, we are not really bothered by them.
Pirate ?

We expected rain, but from Buttington on to the end of our Path we have sun. And lots of it, too. Leon left his New Zealand hat at home, so he imitates a pirate and puts a towel on his head. At the stile on the right we once again leave Wales to enter England.

Entering England (again) The picture below is the B&B near Trefonen where we stay two nights.

The Pentre


Chirk Castle

Above is a slightly bigger place: Chirk Castle. Since it was built in 1302, it has been lived in. And with all those wars during 700 years, that is quite exceptional. You can visit a part of it, and another part is still lived in.
Castle Courtyard

Catching up

Mirjam still isn't used to climbing all those hills. Every time we have to ascend a bit, she drops behind. And Leon is happy every time she catches up.

An elderly cyclist Boat trip along the canal to Llangollen The most famous item of Llangollen is not in Llangollen, but still 3 miles away, in Pontcysyllte: the aqueduct for the narrowboats. The canal crosses the river Dee over an aqueduct, 38 meters up. Along the canal is a path for walkers and bikes. Instead of following the path along the Panorama Walk, we walk along the canal right into the heart of Llangollen. Which is a nice city, and worth a visit as well.
38 metres


Water as art