Offa's Dyke Path - 5

Llangollen - Prestatyn

Day 12 Llangollen Clwyd Gate 12,3 miles 19,7 km
Day 13 Clwyd Gate Bodfari 12 miles 19,2 km
Day 14 Bodfari Prestatyn 12 miles 19,2 km

On the way to Llangollen we got used to walking along the canal. As soon as we leave Llangollen, there's no canal in sight anymore, the landscape is completely different: bare rocks, hills that start to resemble mountains.

Real mountains ?


And just when we got used to this, we enter another type of landscape: through the moors. Again, something completely different.

A path through the moors
Climbing another stile After the moors, there's forest, fields and then it start to get hilly again. This is the beginning of the Clwyd Range, a beautiful ridge, surrounded by flat land.

The beginning of the Clwyd Range

Drovers Arms: good food

Climbing towards Jubilee Tower

The next morning we continue to walk through the Clwyds. Mirjam finally finds out how to climb those hills: just pretend there will be a bench on top where you can have a cookie break..

Cookie break

Jubilee Tower
On the highest top of the Clwyds is the Jubilee Tower, a structure designed to honour King George just like the pyramids (except that he isn't buried here). And they forgot the foundation, so a couple of decennia was all it took to let it look like a heap of stones. It has been renovated, but still looks more like a heap of stones than a pyramid.
Arthur's hillsfort

Our last B&B is supposed to be a farm house, but we thought it could pose as a castle as well. This is about one third of the lounge, you can't see the library-part and the window-part.

Plas Penucha

Crossing the highway

More stiles, more stiles

The last bit to Prestatyn is a bit of a disappointment. Well, that you have to cross Wales' only motorway is not the fault of the Path-makers. But the Path seems to wind of in any direction except to Prestatyn. It is as if they didn't know how to put an end to it. Finally, after some extra loops and stiles, we walk in the hills overlooking Prestatyn and we approach the main street.
View over Prestatyn

Prestatyn Main Street

Catch ! Then we are at the sea, where we can take our picture at the end, somewhere between 168 and 182 miles (there are two different signs standing next to each other) from where we started two weeks earlier.

The end of Offa's Dyke Path