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In New Zealand we met some Canadians who told us they walked the Coast to Coast walk. Not in Canada, of course, in the UK. Their story sounded very attractive. But when we had a look on the internet, we found the Offa's Dyke Path, and that sounded even better. On the Offa's Dyke Path you can have luggage transfer service on the whole path, the daily stretches can be shorter, luxury B&B along the path, etcetera. As you'll have guessed, we're very lazy walkers.

About Offa's Dyke, in the 8th Century King Offa built a Dyke between Wales and England, to prevent England from invasion by those fearsome Welsh. Exactly, just like Hadrian did earlier at the Scottish border. The Offa's Dyke Path follows the border between England and Wales along this Dyke, from Chepstow in the South to Prestatyn in the North. The path is 285 kilometres long. You can walk it in 5 days (we heard the SAS do that for training). For us, 14 days sounded a lot better.

Although we expected mostly hilly country with fields and hedges, we found a lot of variation in the landscapes. Actually, we found out Offa's Dyke is one of the most varied National Trails of Britain.

Before we start: Bristol

Nice tits and goosebumps

Chepstow -Llangattock

Wye Valley

Llangattock - Hay

The Ridge

Hay-on-Wye - Drewin

Lots of hills ... and then it's flat

Drewin - Llangollen

The aquaduct

Llangollen - Prestatyn

Along the Clwyd Range

Waymark signs

Impossible to get lost

After the end: Liverpool

Beatles everywhere

Click on the icon below to see Offa's Dyke in Google Earth.

Offa's Dyke
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