Trafalgar Square

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Fountain on Trafalgar Square

Landseer Lion (and a girl)

Trafalgar square is made of one big fountain, the column of Nelson and several statues of kings on horses.

You can read in every guide book that it is Nelson on top of the column. It is so high and the figure is so small that we can not check that ourselves. At the foot of the column lie four lions. At each of them there is a line of people who want their picture taken with one of them. We didn't want to stand in line, so we took a picture of some kid we don't know, just to have a picture of a lion. 

Water coming out of Mirjam's head

Many pigeons at Trafalgar Square

Nowhere in London do you see pigeons. Only at Trafalgar square there are pigeons, and here they make up for the rest of London. We have never seen so many of them in one place.

Seagull on a king on a horse

Although the place is filled with pigeons, on the heads of the kings sit seagulls. Their shit is probably bigger and whiter.


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