Ho Chi Minh City

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After a few quite days in Nha Trang and the Mekong Delta, Ho Chi Min City (or Sai Gon) are very busy again. At out hotel are people whose job it is to help you cross the street!

 Ho Chi Minh
One of the attractions of HCMC is the presidential palace. In the years North and South Vietnam were divided, HCMC was the residence of the president of the Southern part.

Conference room

Presidential palace

Ancient Vietnamese soldiers


The former botanical garden is now a small zoo. And there are still some plants.

Cao Dai temple
Just taking a break Signs signs signs
In HCMC you can find anything: people sleeping after lunch in their hammock, a street full of shops selling signs, modern shops selling Italian shoes (probably real ones as well), or a church of the Cao Dai. This is a religion where all world religions are mixed together: Buddhist, Christian, Islam and Hindu. The symbol is an all-seeing eye.
The post office

In HCMC you can still find some architecture of the French period: the Notre Dame cathedral (quite a small church, in fact), and the Post Office resembling a train station but without trains.


Cu Chi Tunnels

Something you can't miss when visiting Vietnam are the Cu Chi tunnels. Here you can see how the Viet Cong fought against the Americans. Some of the attractions are the tunnels where you can try if you are as small as a Vietnamese, the shooting range where you can spent a fortune on the bullets for the machine gun of your choice. You can also see how the traps with bamboo sticks were made, bombs were formed of American ammunition that didn't explode and taste the food the Viet Cong ate. Strangely enough, although most of the tourists visiting here would have been qualified as enemies in earlier times, everybody seems very joyful.

Viet Cong

Cu Chi tunnels
Leon shooting an AK47  VERY narrow

After seeing the propaganda film of the Viet Cong (made in 1967), we really don't know anymore what to think of this war. Expect that it still seems useless to kill 3,3 million people (3 million Vietnamese and 0,3 million American) and finally reach the same as when the war had started. 

Leon with an even bigger gun

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