Hoi An

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Hoi An has a lively market. Early in the morning, people come by boat or motobike to bring their wares: fish and shrimp (on ice!). But you can also buy little ducks, vegetables or clothes.

 The market at 6:00 am

Shrimps at the market

Local ferry

The centre of Hoi An is placed on the Unesco World Heritage List, and you can visit several of the houses, temples and other buildings. The Japanese Bridge, for instance, and some of the museums displaying the history of the city. In the private houses that you can visit, it is visible that the river is not only a blessing, but also a treat to the city. The water in the river can rise so high that the city becomes inundated, and the first floor of the houses are completely under water.  High water marking lines
Japanese bridge
Lamp shops (no, NOT lamb chops... those are entirely different)

Incense burning for weeks

Fishing Driving lessons on the fishing boat

In the afternoon we went for a boat trip on the river. We see how the local fisherman try to catch fish, although they seem to have a bigger income from tips from tourists who see them doing this. And Leon can try to sail the boat for some time. Oops, that is not as easy as it seems.

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