My Son Sanctuary

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Some Germans going back to school

From somewhere from the first century the Cham or Champa lived in the southern part of Vietnam. The Cham were Hindus, and in the temple city My Son they built lots of temples. Their architecture reminds of the Hindu status from India and also of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. In the American war the Viet Cong thought they would be safe in this holy place, but they were wrong. The Americans bombed the place just as easy. By now a part of the temples is restored.

A part of the visit to My Son is a show with traditional music and dance. This is completely different than the Vietnamese music. Especially the dance with the fairies from heaven (the three ladies in red bikinis) resembles more the Bollywood-music than Vietnamese music.

Cham music

Cham dancing

The temples

The temples are built of bricks. With unbaked bricks the temple was built, probably with a kind of vegetable oil as cement, than the reliefs were made and finally the whole temple was baked. A quite ingenious process, and apart from bombing with B52's they could withstand quite a lot.


Cham Museum - Da Nang

Between Hue and Hoi An lies Da Nang, where the Cham museum is. The museum has examples of the most important statues of the Cham art. The French built this museum, and brought here pieces from all over Vietnam (and largely from My Son). And it must be said, they only brought little Cham pieces to Paris but left most of it in the country where it belongs.

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