On the road in Vietnam

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We travelled a lot by car. Especially the part from Nha Trang to Ho Chi Minh City was a long drive, and a lot of people wondered why we didn't take a plane. It would have been cheaper as well! But we were glad we went by car, because otherwise we would have missed a complete different landscape of Vietnam. And everywhere there was something to see: people carrying enormous amounts of luggage, buildings, tens of shops selling the same local product next to each other, and a village further tens of shops selling another product and so on. On this page, we have some pictures of things we saw on the road.

Carrying luggage

Motorbike pork transport

How much can you stash on your motorbike?

A big pack


Narrow houses

They look like they might fall over at a storm.

Vietnamese music

Very popular in Vietnam: Modern Talking. Aaaarrggh!!

The music in the car was not always too great: Abba or Modern Talking. In one car there was an old cassette player with stretched tapes, and in the other the air conditioning stopped working when the CD played.


More stylish than a Burqa

A hat against the sun is a good idea, but Vietnamese women exaggerate: also a clothe over their face and when their shirt has short sleeves they wear long gloves. They say against skin cancer, but everybody expects they want to stay as white as possible.

Vietnames hats


Sugar Lee Hooper

We visited a humanitarian centre, where children with disabilities because of Agent Orange make silk embroideries or scarves. 

Humanity center for handicapped children Pure concentration
Also at other places we saw how souvenirs were made: marble statues, silk lamps, lacquer ware and so on.

Colourful ties

Marble factories

Relaxing was invented here!

Relaxing along Highway 1

A great country, where the café by the road has hammocks! And the sunny beaches come with parasols.


A beach resort


Lotus flowers

Dragon fruit

Dragon fruit and water lillies.


Smooth landscape

Everywhere you can make beautiful pictures like this, with islands, fishing boats and fishing nets.

Schoolchildren by bike

For adults the motobike has replaced the bike, but you still see lots of schoolchildren by bike. The girls are dressed in the very elegant ao dai, a pair of trousers combined with a dress with plackets up to the middle, both of silk. The boys wear a blue pair of trousers and a white shirt.

Going to school

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