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BamJam ?

BamJam is not a registered company.

BamJam are two people, who happen to be married to each other:

  • Leon Peute, also known as "Bamse"

  • Mirjam Stark

You can see us on the picture on the right.

Bam & Jam between flowers

About us

We met each other in 1985 in Delft, the Netherlands. From the day we decided we wanted to live together, in November 1985, people called us BamJam. 

Our favorite hobby is traveling. Our first holiday together was in 1986, to London. Since then we always make a scrapbook, with a lot of postcards, entry-tickets, bills of supermarkets and restaurants, sugar-bags and a extensive description of everything we did. When we brought a camera (not every year, and not always a decent one), the scrapbook is completed with lots of photographs. We make the book during the holiday itself, so later we only have to add the photos (we use loose-leafed albums, so we don't have to leave space for the pictures). We still make those books, apart from this internet-site. 

We both have our own task. Leon scans the selected photo's and divides them in pages. Mirjam decides there are too many photo's and pages and re-orders them. Then she writes the text. This is very hard work: you have to tell something about the photo, but not only things you can already see for yourself, and it should be a bit funny, and the length of the text should be not too short and not too long ... It always takes a lot of time doing this, which is the reason why our new pages appear at least several weeks after we returned home (which is still years earlier then the time some other people take to make their scrapbook). After all this effort, Leon removes the text, and writes something else. So it is a true co-operation.  


A trustworthy guy

This cool guy is Leon. He does professionally something with computers. Not programming or even thinking about what to program, but telling the people how to use a program some other people made, and explaining this is what they always wanted. Wouldn't you believe an honest looking man like him?


A beautiful woman

A most flattering picture of Mirjam, made on the day we celebrated being 16,5 years together (we must be getting old, being together for so long). Mirjam works as a geohydrologist, which is a nice profession to mention when some-one must write visa for you. It has something to do with groundwater. 


We do not have any children, however we do have a little guinea pig, called Osama. We recently found out this means Lion, just like Leon. If you want to know more about him, check out Osama's own website. There, he writes about his adventures. He writes in Dutch, because he's doesn't know any English.


Essential equipment for photographers

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